Why hype TWITTER? Fuck TWITTER! Fact, twitter is a tool Question, whose tool? Answer – Government! Fact, social networking sites are tools! Data gathering tools for authorities The subjects voluntarily surrender their private lives to corporations (for marketing) and government (for surveillance/evidence)! I’ll bet, in future it will be mandatory to have a facebook, myspace, twitter account. Think about it. Where are police looking first when they arrest YOU. Yep, they hack into your facebook page and use it to keep you in JAIL. And as usual, the MEDIA is doing well in mass control spreading the hype. Oh, and the British PM even thinks TWITTER would have stopped the genocide in Rwanda LOLZ (funny comments on that! theregister June 20 2009) Reminds me, of TWITTERING ASSHOLE (check it – Twittering Assholes have no barrier to entry”




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